Let’s set the scene…

Think about being up high. No, not like being on the second floor. Maybe you are in an airplane looking down to the earth or in a hot air balloon looking down over the rolling hills, roads and waterways that make up your physical space. Now, let’s think about the personal landscape of YOU. Take a step back and a moment to imagine looking down on YOUR life. That’s right, take a bird’s eye view and zoom in Instead of seeing the green landscape, the blue waters and all the roadways, you would see the paths leading to your decisions, the struggles you have overcome, the moments that made or broke you and the joyous celebrations of your life.

Dig deep. How does it look? How does it feel? Are you happy with what you see? Are you content? Fulfilled? Do you wish you had done more in certain situations? Do you wish you had been more true to yourself in some cases or regret some of the decisions you made along the way? Were you fearful of your opinions being known or did you push your opinions on others?

If you are like most of us, you see bits and pieces of all of the above. We are all a work in progress no matter your age, lifestyle, beliefs or convictions. Only we know what drives us. Only we know what our conscious speaks to us, but we do know that it drives our life in many ways.

The landscape of our own personal life is something that only we are privy to…nobody else. We either like what we see or we cringe at the moments when we could have been better, freer and more clear on our intentions or decisions. Only you can feel you lived a life worth telling a story about.

So, now that we have dug deep, what would you change? Don’t waste much time on thinking of this…the past has come and gone. It will not change your present or future to dwell on the past.

Let’s go high again and look at how we see a happy and almost-perfect future. What does that look like?

Are you being 100% authentic to you? Seriously, are there things that you would say without fearing judgement of losing friends? Do you wish you had spoken up when you saw that kid get bullied? Do you wish you had more moments of love and peace? Perhaps you wish you had spent more time on reading a great classic novel than filling your brain with non-sense television? Or, just maybe, you wish that you took more leaps instead of baby steps? Do

Do you have a plan of attack? Time is of the essence, people. No, seriously, it is. How do you change a path that is no longer serving you? Or, a path that forces you to turn your back on things that are important to you? Do you just play the part of what’s expected or do you get curious about it and live life fully?

Today, I challenge you to take a look from above and see where you can create new magic and live a purposeful life. If you are lost and looking for a purpose, there is a way to find it. Stay tuned for more posts that help you to discover your truth. This is going to be AMAZING!