I believe that, today, for the first time ever, I have embraced SPRING…sunshine and happy. 

I was driving and noticed how lush and green the trees and vegetation were along the street.  The Dogwoods in bloom, the colors emerging and even the weeds were blossoming into Dandelions.

In all honesty, I’ve always had a somewhat depressive personality.  With Winter, I lived for the barren trees, the darkness, the cold, the slowness and the safety of my little world simply being “still.”  I embraced and loved the coziness of home, handmade blankets, a pot of soup on the burner, candles, a great read and Hygge. 

I’ve ALWAYS had a hard time during the seasons of Spring and Summer; particularly Spring.  Honestly, it was like I had a seasonal disorder, but the opposite of everyone I knew.  I never wanted to embrace it up until now.  I find it very ironic that God chose THIS season to open my eyes.  It’s almost as if to say, “Hey.  I see you.  I have heard you.  I have seen your growth and patience for these many years.  You are finally at peace with yourself, who I made you to be and claiming yourself authentic.”  Then, without further ado, He hands me the gift of the beauty all around me that I’ve never seen or embraced. 

Authenticity is an awakening to the mind and a jolt to the soul.  It’s finally affirming in yourself that, yes, you indeed know YOU better than anyone else.  And, here’s the revelation that should never be forgotten: IT’S OK.  Your ideas, your thoughts, your beliefs, your political views, your quirks and weirdness, your personality and individual tastes are specific to only you.  Hold them tight, my friends.  Never give up on yourself and for goodness sake, stop trying to mirror everyone around you just to avoid fitting into a mold that was created just for you.