Ever just think that you couldn’t be more mad at someone? Maybe they have done something to wrong you, argued with you, had a different opinion that they were pushing on you (hello, politics or religion!) or maybe they have just lost your trust and loyalty. Regardless, it is hard to forgive. You seem to resent the person, avoid them and certainly not want to have much at all to do with them. Do you know what happens when we keep all of that bottled up inside? You guessed it…it effects us many times more than the one who has wronged us.

How far into your future do you intend to carry the ANGST created by your past? Maybe its been months or even years since you decided to “let something go.” Now, think of all the time you have spent pondering and worrying about what plagues you. I can honestly say that I used to worry about EVERYTHING. What if this happens? What if that happens? I wonder why they did this to me? I always assumed the worst. That’s how it works though…we always assume the worst is being done against us.

I watched an incredible Andy Stanley lesson regarding this very topic and it has changed how I think and move forward. You see, I am TERRIBLE at forgiveness. I will carry the weight of something someone has done to me for YEARS. It creates stress, resentment and makes me just feel numb and unhappy. After watching this video several times, I have come to the conclusion that I need to LET IT GO. It’s time. It’s beyond time, actually.

Are there things that I am still amazed people can do? Absolutely. But, I’m not the one who has to answer for the actions of others. I can only own me and my actions and my words. I can’t own what others do or say. That’s on them. After years of lugging around baggage that only kept growing and growing behind me, I decided it’s time to forgive. Time to forgive the friend who broke my trust, time to forgive the person who led me on, time to forgive the spreader of false gossip, time to forgive the one who broke my heart, time to forgive the folks who assumed things and time to forgive MYSELF for my faults and actions toward others.

So, hello to a new year and a lighter load being pulled behind me! Carry on and move forward, my friends.