Word 1.1.19

Word 1.1.19

2018. You were oh so rough. I can’t say that I will miss you.

I always choose a word that represents my aspirations, goals, weaknesses, strengths, accomplishments and inspires me to start a new year. This year I’m struggling with a few. Last year my word practically found me and hit me so hard I fell in love with it instantly. It represented, well, everything in my life. RECLAIM. There were so many things in my life that I wanted back. So many things that I have let fall to the wayside that I need back in my life to have true happiness.

This year, I’ve already narrowed it down to several, but am struggling to pick the golden and elusive word that I will use to guide my actions during 2019. This word is usually my North Star. Sounds corny, huh? But, it works.

I’ve pondered even keeping RECLAIM (2.0) again this year as I accomplished many things in 2018, but feel that there could have been more. Several that are swirling around in my head are:









First, MINE, ME and SELF are all semi-related. Yeah, I know, they come across as self-centered and selfish. So, let me just say that I am in need of a year of focusing on ME. I need to be happy in my own skin and actually be ME. The true me is hidden from most everyone and it’s hard being someone that you’re really not. Being someone that everyone thinks you are and expects you to be because of social norms, religion, politics and whatever else you can think of. It is stressful. It is depressing and honestly controls many facets of my life.

PURGE is another good one that may make the short list. I have been years without a good purge of people and things that no longer serve value to my life or my family. People that are toxic (bring me down, gossip all the time and really, just anyone that I have outgrown). We do outgrown people and relationships and that’s where I”m at.

BRAVE, REAL and AUTHENTIC are a brand new area for me. While I made huge efforts last year RECLAIMing so many things, it’s time I take the stage and introduce the real me to the world and make a new path that will hopefully lead to my true happiness. I need the puzzle pieces to fit and the stars to align. Moves need to be made that are BOLD and require so much bravery.

Here’s to a New Year, peeps! 2019 is our year to shine, be brave and live authentically! XOXO