Vibes and Values

With it being a few days after a major mid-term election, I find myself thinking about values and changes. I’ve always thought that change can bring good things. It keeps things fresh and exciting. It allows for new ideas to take hold and new generations to act and find their voices. However, one thing that intrigues me is how some people evolve and change as they get older. I am sure that there are many people who never change their beliefs, values and/or morals midstream. But, for those that do maybe it has something to do with staring our own mortality in the face?

I am one of those. I am one of those that grew up in a heavily conservative family and in an even heavier conservative town. I never really knew what my liberal minded college professors spoke of as it was a bit foreign to me. I also never really questioned things growing up related to politics. It was just simply like a gene or trait being passed down the old family tree.

As I grew up, I suppose I never really thought there was another side?? Maybe I was too naive to make my own choices or decisions? I have no idea, but regardless, here I am now and feeling like I am living in my true and authentic form. I AM ME.

I look back and wonder how my values changed so drastically…as lives progress, do values change? Wayne Dyer’s work called “The Shift”, shows what people may go through when they see life in a new way, change their values as a result, and ultimately become happier and love life more. It may also give more purpose to life than just our past experiences.

I can actually pinpoint the time in my life when I had “the shift.” I had given up my corporate engineering career to stay home with my two young children. Children changed me. It was no longer about “self.” It was about a world that needed to be and do better for them. It was empathy and teaching them about empathy, too. All of a sudden I could see a shift to becoming more liberal minded and realizing that everyone deserved to be loved no matter where they were born, what gender they were, who they loved, their religion or nationality. I realize now that as a mother I would love my children regardless of anything…so why shouldn't EVERYONE have someone who would fight tooth and nail for them? This is where my shift comes from. Everyone deserves the same chance to succeed, to feel loved, to love who they wish and live their one true life. Once I got a grasp on this, it was game on. I did a complete reversal of all that I had known. No longer did I agree with things that once were just handed down to me and I simply accepted.

Moving forward I caught a lot of slack from family and friends who knew the “old” me. They would try to talk politics with me and my stance was completely different than they remembered me as before. You can only imagine the strange looks that they gave when I would disagree with them on something I would have normally in the past agreed on. Somewhat comical, but in all seriousness I finally felt like I was in the right place. I was comfortable in my decisions and what I believed in. It has been a struggle if I am honest with myself. I’ve put myself out there and been judged by many in this new way of seeing things. They ask me, “why did you just completely change?” or “which friends are you trying to be like?” NONE. I am just being me. I am living my life through my eyes and what I deem important.