Growth for a Two comes when they can sit back and relax without feeling that they need to always be helping someone else. They can sometimes be prideful and demanding. Many times twos will repress personal needs and feelings to avoid being needy. They often do not feel authentic because they tend to “shape-shift” into situations by being overly nice, friendly or flattering.


Growth Areas for the Two:

  • Remembering to attend to their own personal needs

  • Learning to accept help from other people

  • Understanding that their value lies beyond what they can offer others

  • Accepting and working through negative emotions instead of ignoring them

  • Learn to love themselves without being needed by others

  • Twos can many times be manipulating and alter how they present to others

  • Twos are often taken advantage of by others

  • Twos want to be liked and accepted by others and will adapt to make this happen

  • Twos also have a tough time setting boundaries

  • Look at what you need to learn from the situation

  • Notice the ways you give in order to get something in return



Current Mindset: If you pride yourself in being attentive to the needs of others because you are uncomfortable with others seeing you as self-serving.

New Mindset: What would happen in your life if you found more ways to be dependent on your own abilities for self-validation while still being able to attend to the needs of others?


Taking Time for You:

  • Creating a Boundary Circle works especially well for Type Twos and Type Sixes. Determine your time and energy, create a “boundary circle,” and then visualize your needs.

  • Stop self sabotaging yourself with your own behavior. It limits your happiness. As a Two, your fear of not being loved influences your behavior. However, don’t forget that just because you help someone doesn’t mean they will automatically love you. You can be cherished even when you’re not doing.


Positive Affirmations for Enneagram Type 2

I love others and myself unconditionally.
I give sincerely from my heart.
I have healthy emotional needs.
I am present to my emotional needs.
I am loved for who I am.
I am lovable.
I am comfortable in my own skin.
I am confident of myself.
I establish healthy boundaries between others and myself.
I undertake self-care.
I am willing to acknowledge my negative emotions.
I feel accepted for who I am.
I am clear about my intentions.
I am able to express and ask for what I want.

Source: Evelyn Lim