Growth for a One comes when they can sit back and relax without feeling frustration for not being busy. Fear of being evil or corrupt tends to frustrate the One. Their need to manage frustration is also an area of growth waiting to happen.


Growth Areas for the One:

  • The One type may affirm things like:

  • Freeing themselves from the need to criticize their own actions and the actions of others

  • Seeing the world as a place of perfection, just as it is

  • Not finding fault in things they cannot change

  • No longer feel resentment and frustration

  • Accept that there are other truths – other ways of being

  • It’s ok to make mistakes

  • Being truly impartial

  • Practicing breathing exercises

  • Finding beauty in the flaws



Current Mindset:

You always pride yourself in being meticulous because you want to avoid feeling negligent.

New Mindset:

What if you found more ways to be spontaneous without limiting yourself with a fear of being negligent?



  • Stop using self sabotaging behavior. It limits your happiness. As a One, your fear of being seen as flawed or imperfect by others influences your behavior. However, don’t forget that all humans are flawed, and some people can appreciate and value all of you. Imperfections included.

  • Take time for you by having scheduled breathing:

    Create a reminder in your phone or calendar to stop to breathe

    Visualize your stress

    See the air you breathe in as calming and peaceful

    See the air you breathe out as stress leaving your body

    Type One: Release your inner critic

    Type Three: Release the drive to be the best

    Type Five: Release the need to know everything

    Type Eight: Release the need for control

Positive Affirmations for Enneagram Type 1

I embrace myself completely.
I am perfect even in all my imperfections.
I accept who I am.
I accept that no one is perfect and I can make mistakes sometimes too.
I am at ease with life.
I forgive myself and others.
I set reasonable expectations for myself.
I choose to focus my attention on what is going right in my life.
I do the best I can and doing my best is what counts.
I am gentle with others.
I choose to be kind, compassionate and understanding.
I accept that everyone is doing the best they can with whatever resources they have at any one time.
Everyone is a teacher to me and I choose to learn patiently.
Life is perfect as it is.
I surrender to life’s unfolding.
I choose to be flexible, adaptable and embrace change.
I learn to laugh at myself.
I love being and having fun!