Always be a first-rate version of yourself instead of a second-rate person of someone else.
— Judy Garland, Type 4

Type Fours

Fours work professionally best with others who allow them to remain autonomous and just be themselves. They like to use creativity to express themselves and typically like building relationships with coworkers. They feel most wanted at work when they are asked to express themselves, boss gets to know them and everyone is genuine. They love being on the same page with their employees and hope that they have the same vision. They tend to have problems at work when they can’t be creative, are criticized or they are not taken seriously. They love to inspire others with creative solutions.


Romantically, Fours are emotional partners and work best when able to connect on a deeper level and have open communication. They sometimes tend to make impossible expectations for their significant other. They share emotions very well. Unlike many other types, Fours know how they need to grow to be better. They are, at times, moody and unbalanced. Separating emotions from disagreements is very hard on a Four.



  • Fours become conflicted when others do not understand their unique viewpoint.

  • Being forced to be like everyone else, being mundane and not able to be authentically me.

  • Others trying to cheer me up and not allowing me to fully feel my emotions make me feel under valued.

  • Fours do not like to be told that they are overreacting.

Expect mood shifts that are unrelated to what you do or don’t do.

  • Fours are reassured by your steady mindedness under pressure.

  • Expect pursuit when you are distant, push away when you are here.

  • Stay grounded in your own degree of availability.

  • Expect complaints when life gets predictable. Keep life juicy. It’s also helpful to let a Four know (without judgment) how it impacts you when emotions run so high and low.

  • Maintain equanimity during emotional storms. It’s about needing intensity.

  • Anger is expressed outwardly and sadness expressed inwardly.

  • Encourage Fours to slowly take in genuine, positive feedback and bring it to their attention if they skip over it quickly.

  • Give space in times of moodinessand once this passes, maintain equanimity.