Welcome to Reclaimed Silence

I see you out there. I see you struggling to find your way in this crazy, hot mess of a world. I know your story. I’ve been there. You grew up and lost yourself somewhere along the way. You lost your dreams and hopes you once had for the future. There is hope! Once you decide that you want to be your true authentic self, everything changes. You become stronger, healthier and happier.

Are you are looking for MORE?

MORE you, MORE money, MORE time, MORE freedom, MORE independence, MORE financial security, MORE authenticity?

RECLAIMED SILENCE is a result of finding myself again and my daily struggle to authenticity. It’s my path of finding independence in myself and the desire to succeed because we are all capable and worthy. You see, we all have a past…good or bad, empowering or discouraging, supportive or opposing. There are so many things that influence who we are and what we share to the world. Believe it or not, but you DO have a gift to share, my friend!

You are worth it and so much more!

Every girl must decide to be true to herself, or true to the world
— Glennon Doyle