It’s not how much, but how much love we put into giving.
— Mother Teresa, Type 2

Type Twos tend to thrive in environments where they can make new friends and help others. They like strong, working relationships and using skills to serve others. Twos are related to best when people ask them to help with a personal problem, feel appreciated, feel listened to and appreciated. When I am healthy, I typically communicate well listening to others carefully, ask good questions, am a warm presence and am a helpful and empathetic listener. Unhealthy Twos become passive-aggressive or very direct and give unwanted advice.

Twos work professionally best with others when they are appreciated. They also feel the need to be recognized and that others have their best interest in mind. They feel overwhelmed when they become too invested in colleagues’ personal lives. Work will sometimes slide when they spend too much time focused on others.


Romantically, Twos are healthy, attentive and caring partners when with a partner who reminds them to take time for themselves. They naturally care and give attention to their partners. They expect and need affirmation and good communication skills. Twos have a hard time in relationships accepting constructive criticism, expressing their needs and acknowledging boundaries.


  • Demonstrate your love to them by telling them often what you appreciate about them.

  • Surprise them with creative gifts or time together that make them feel seen, known and valued.

  • Be patient and receptive, allowing them to talk extensively and process externally.

  • Paraphrase what they said to make sure you heard them accurately. Show the need to understand them.

  • Avoid accusatory words or body language that can shame or hurt them.

  • Respond to their thoughts with encouragement and affirmation.

  • Expect bigger emotions. Rising anger and tears are signs of unmet needs.

  • Twos are attracted to relationships with obstacles.

  • Twos will be upset if they feel overused and under appreciated.

  • Set clear boundaries with the Two in your life. This can break the trance of over-giving.

  • Expect Givers to get irritable or sad when their real real needs begin to surface.

  • Don’t take advantage of them.

  • Twos are verbal processors and need to talk.

  • They can take honest feedback, but can take it personally.