More about the Enneagram:

In layman’s terms the Enneagram tells it like it is…it almost feels like someone is “up in your business.” The purpose is not to label you, but to aid you in how to understand yourself better. It helps us to dismantle our ego that we have built up over the years.

The system is deceptively simple, but also deceptively deep. It is a wild ride and you will see things in yourself that you will most certainly cringe at and need to change. The Enneagram helps you see those things and move forward to being the authentic you.

Yes, we have all taken a multitude of personality tests for work over the years. However, personality tests (such as Myers-Briggs, etc.) focus on nature, while the Enneagram is more about nurture.

The Enneagram is a blueprint for developing character that each of us carries throughout our life, but one that we don’t open until we find out our type.

How Do All The Types Compare?