Are you looking to enhance and optimize your results? Do you want longer more fuller looking lashes or brows? Do you want something to help with your pasty white legs? Do you want to sport a healthy glow? Do you want to have softer, less cracked and dry skin? Check out our GUARANTEED results below.



Do you currently have lash extensions? No need with our lash product that provides longer looking, fuller looking and thicker looking lashes. This product also works on brows, too. Notice the difference in her length and also that her lower lashes look longer, too.



Look at her glow! The “after” picture shows how our derma cosmetics line can enhance skin texture and provide coverage as needed. Available in many shades and is NOT makeup, but skincare.

IMG_0074 2.JPG


How would you like to have a body that felt smooth and hydrated? Hydration is a miracle worker; especially combined with good skin care. The body refresh has wonderful results on crepe skin and wrinkled areas such as neck, chest, arms and legs. Also works great on dry and cracked feet and hands.