Growth for a Three comes when they can fit into a setting without having to adjust their roles, actions or expressions to every group or setting that they may come across. Learning to be themselves in a group environment is hard on a three. Growth also comes when a Three no longer feels they must be validated by their own personal success. They play characters rather than being themselves.


Growth Areas for the Three:

  • Being more readily able to accept failure from others or themselves

  • Appearing to be more sensitive than what they come across as

  • Being more in touch with their own feelings

  • Worrying less about their personal image

  • Acknowledging the ways in which they have unintentionally deceived themselves or others

  • Finding value in themselves and not in their accomplishments

  • Appreciating the life that they have and already live

  • Being themselves rather than what the world expects or wants them to be



Current Mindset:

You always pride yourself in being ambitious because you want to avoid being seen as lazy or unproductive.

New Mindset:

What if you found more ways to be embrace being idle as a way to connect with the moment while still meeting all of your goals?



  • Stop using self sabotaging behavior. It limits your happiness. As a Three, your fear of not providing enough or being what others need influences your behavior. However, don’t forget that true happiness correlates with showing yourself, entirely, to others. Just because you do well in the eyes of others does not mean they will automatically love you.

  • Take time for you by having scheduled breathing:
    Create a reminder in your phone or calendar to stop to breathe
    Visualize your stress
    See the air you breathe in as calming and peaceful
    See the air you breathe out as stress leaving your body
    Type One: Release your inner critic
    Type Three: Release the drive to be the best
    Type Five: Release the need to know everything
    Type Eight: Release the need for control

Positive Affirmations for Enneagram Type 3

I am worthy, regardless of my accomplishments.
I am ready to acknowledge the efforts from my team.
I celebrate the accomplishments of others.
I am authentic.
I embrace myself despite my mistakes and imperfections.
I am aligned with my true self.
I am loved by others who appreciate me as I am.
I am open to acknowledging my feelings.
I give myself the opportunity to breathe and relax.
I am ready to learn from my mistakes as they are part of my journey.
I set reasonable expectations for myself and others.
I am enough.
I draw on the spiritual power of my influence for the good of everyone.
I embrace leadership that is centered on truth, integrity and compassion.
I inspire leadership in others.