Growth for a Five comes when they begin to feel useful and competent. They have a strong sense of paranoia that they are less than and unable to do things that others can do. A Five also withdraws from others emotionally and physically. This may make them feel safer, but typically leads to loneliness.


Growth Areas for the Five:

  • Fives are thinkers and often guard themselves by withdrawing from others

  • Taking more time to listen and hear others share

  • Fives tend to come across as unappreciative of others

  • Working through and connecting to their emotions

  • Learning to recognize when they are withdrawing

  • Choosing to engage with others rather than withdrawing

  • Fives need to connect with their own feelings

  • Fives often feel very incompetent

  • Fives tend to remain quiet when something bothers them.



Current Mindset:

You pride yourself in being analytical because you wouldn’t want others to think of you as impulsive or acting before you understood something.

New Mindset:

What would happen in your life if you found more ways to be impulsive enough to embrace the part of you that doesn’t know in order to understand yourself more?



  • Stop using self sabotaging behavior. It limits your happiness. As a One, your fear of being seen as flawed or imperfect by others influences your behavior. However, don’t forget that all humans are flawed, and some people can appreciate and value all of you. Imperfections included.

  • Take time for you by having scheduled breathing:
    Create a reminder in your phone or calendar to stop to breathe
    Visualize your stress
    See the air you breathe in as calming and peaceful
    See the air you breathe out as stress leaving your body
    Type One: Release your inner critic
    Type Three: Release the drive to be the best
    Type Five: Release the need to know everything
    Type Eight: Release the need for control


Positive Affirmations for Enneagram Type 5

I appreciate the awe of being in my body.
I am grounded in my being.
I find divine lessons in my life struggles and challenges.
I develop healthy relationships with the people around me.
I am calm, serene and at peace even amidst life uncertainties.
I fit in well.
Change is constant in this world, and I adapt to changes well.
I thrive well in this world.
I function well in this world.
I experience life fully.
I have general trust in the people around.
I choose to connect with others.
I am willing to reach out and support others.
I stay engaged in life.
I enjoy participating in life.

Source: Evelyn Lim