Growth for a Seven comes when they can pay equal attention to both negative and positive feedback. It also comes when they can begin the practice of focusing inward. The Seven often feels deprived and in pain. While they are amazing at using their talents, they can often misapply those talents, becoming over-extended, scattered and undisciplined.

Growth Areas for the Seven:

  • Find a way to overcome being uncommitted

  • Stop and take time to a few minutes a day to center and and reflect on either planning for possibilities, self-reinforcing or reacting to pain or distress

  • Take a break and slow down

  • Become less distracted and exhausted by not always being on the go

  • Practice patience

  • Draw back on your impulsiveness

  • Let your brain take a break from the continuous planning

  • While you can pick up on many different skills with relative ease, it becomes more difficult for you to decide what to do with yourself



Current Mindset:

You always pride yourself in being spontaneous because you want to avoid feeling limited in any way.

New Mindset:

What if you found more ways to ground yourself enough to reflect and process all emotions to gain clarity on your best, next step for your best life yet?



  • Stop using self sabotaging behavior. It limits your happiness. As a Seven, your fear that who you are, at your core, is not enough to be content and happy influences your behavior. What if, instead, you don’t forget that you are continually searching and striving for things to complete you, you might miss the things that will satisfy you. These things take time and attention.

  • Creating a “grounding practice” when taking time for yourself can be very beneficial for types Four, Seven and Nine. First, relax. Then, complete the following series through journaling and/or pondering in your head:

    5 things you can see

    4 things you can feel

    3 things you can hear

    2 things you can smell

    1 wonderful thing about yourself


Positive Affirmations for Enneagram Type 7

I am 100% present, engaged and grounded.
I am grateful for my blessings.
I am sensitive to the needs of others.
I choose to focus my energy.
I am thankful for what I already have.
I am contented, fulfilled and joyful.
I have more than enough.
I am abundant.
I am free to express who I am.
I manifest my vision into reality, one-step at a time.
I am in touch with my inner guidance.

Source: Evelyn Lim