Growth for an Eight would overcoming the fear of being harmed. Work would also contain slowing down before taking action. Eights can help themselves grow by using their anger as a clue for deeper issues. Their attitude often follows the mantra, “Lead, follow or get out of the way.”

Growth Areas for the Eight:

  • Becoming more emotional and generous toward others

  • Having more empathy and compassion toward others

  • Opening up to others

  • Revealing their vulnerability


Current Mindset:

You always pride yourself in being meticulous because you want to avoid feeling negligent.

New Mindset:

What if you found more ways to be spontaneous without limiting yourself with a fear of being negligent?



  • Stop using self sabotaging behavior. It limits your happiness. As an Eight, your fear that you must prevent others from having the ability to destroy or betray you influences your behavior. However, don’t forget that true happiness stems from trusting people enough to let them in. That is when you will feel the most understood and heard by others.

  • Take time for you by having scheduled breathing:

    Create a reminder in your phone or calendar to stop to breathe

    Visualize your stress

    See the air you breathe in as calming and peaceful

    See the air you breathe out as stress leaving your body

    Type One: Release your inner critic

    Type Three: Release the drive to be the best

    Type Five: Release the need to know everything

    Type Eight: Release the need for control



I am most fulfilled when I help others.

I open my heart to others.

I can be gentle and strong at the same time.

I am peaceful and calm.

I am in touch with my emotional needs.

I extend a helping hand to those who need support.

Everyone is my teacher.

I respect the decision of others.

I am sensitive to the needs of others.

I practice patience.

I embrace every part of me, including my weaknesses.

Source: Evelyn Lim