Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.
— Richard Branson, Type 7

Type Sevens tend to be enthusiastic, adventurous and spontaneous in their actions and behavior. The love relationships and meeting new people.

Sevens work professionally best in very active environments where they can be creative and use their imagination. They enjoy new work every single day. They feel empowered when peers spend time with them outside of work. They also thrive on employees offering creative ideas in a team environment. They do not work well with employees and peers who lack energy and optimism. They enjoy relationships with peers that are not distant and reserved.


Romantically, Sevens are fun and enthusiastic partners. They thrive with partners who are usually more reserved and practical. Sevens provide continuous support, enthusiasm and optimism in a relationship. They are quick to fit in and adapt to new circumstances. They are your biggest cheerleader and constantly provided support and encouragement. However, Sevens have a harder time settling down and being with just one person. They have issues with negative emotions and sometimes have a hard time listening to their partner.



  • Expect to feel either adored or ignored.

  • Sevens like relationships that mirror their own high self-esteem.

  • Expect sensitivity to criticism

  • Feelings of “boredom” mask emotional confusion.

  • Sevens are often out of touch with their anger and can “rant.”

  • Sevens love to future plan

  • Mutual happiness and creativity are important to the relationship.

  • Kindness and thoughtfulness can offer softer emotions

  • Always give the good news first.

  • Sevens do not like to be told to do mundane or boring tasks.

  • Sevens are offended by those who do not take them seriously or diminish their grand plans.

  • Criticisms that are not justified toward me lead to conflict.

  • Do not force a Seven to deal with painful or hard emotions

  • Do not always expect them to be the fun one.