People call me a perfectionist, but I’m not. I’m a rightest. I do something until it’s right.
— James Cameron, Type 1

Type Ones work best with open, outgoing and teams that they can stabilize. They must be aligned in their goals and values. Ones are related to best when their concerns are taken seriously and their integrity is respected. You must be responsible and honor your agreements with a One. Always admit your mistakes and know that a One is extremely sensitive to criticism.

Ones work professionally best with others who need to be efficient and accurate, desire improvement and are dedicated to a bigger mission. Work relationships struggle when they give feedback too harshly or in a blunt way. Also, when they correct or overlook others’ suggestions too often or apply too much pressure on coworkers.


Romantically, Ones are honest and motivated partners. They need to be a partner to someone who is open-minded and more relaxed. Similar views in a relationship are also a must for a One. Ones communicate openly, always are trying to do what is right for their partner and pursuing personal growth to improve the relationship. Ones are not quick to forgive and have a hard time overlooking flaws.


  • Ones are detailed conscious. They appreciate small gestures: being on time, remembering names, proper instructions.

  • Speak respectfully. Make sure no one feels foolish. Ask for permission.

  • Notice thrift, effort and dependability. General compliments sound false.

  • Cultivate character. Set improvement goals. Don’t flaunt your achievements.

  • Admit error immediately. Admission clears the air and prevents resentment.

  • Bring novelty and fun to the relationship. Ones tend to repeat what works.

  • Avoid power struggles. Ones need to be right so demonstrate how two right ways can co-exist side by side.

  • Maintain your own interests. Ones work long hours on their own.

  • Humor is especially helpful. Worry vanishes with gentle humor.

  • Acknowledge when I do the right thing.

  • Commit to promises.

  • Contribute your part.

  • Listen to my needs without judgement

  • Catch me when I’m overly critical of myself and others.

  • Be gentle pointing out mistakes, Ones are hyper-critical of themselves.

  • Follow through with commitments and complete them on time.

  • Ones love order and details so make an effort to keep the space organized.

  • Help Ones to take time away from work for themselves.

  • I am normally very sincere, poised and polite. In my unhealthy state, I can become judgmental, easily irritated and opinionated.

  • Internally, Ones struggle to believe that they are worthy and have a constant inner critic telling them they should do more and improve everything.