It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer.
— Albert Einstein, Type 5

Type Fives work best with those who give personal space and time to think. They appreciate working with those who are not overly emotional and express thoughts clearly and logically. Fives are respectful, non-intrusive and curious communicators. When they are not in a healthy state, they can be overly brief, cold and intellectually arrogant. They also withdraw and detach occasionally.


Fives work professionally best with others who are productive during meetings and those who ask Fives for insight or observations. Skip the small talk and be clear and concise in written mail. Criticism needs to be constructive. Work together and consider both sides to find a compromise in times of conflict. Fives thrive in environments that allow them space to reenergize alone and yet still encourages their specific talent.


Romantically, Fives are calm and helpful partners when they feel supported during tense moments. They work logically through problems and respect their partner’s independence. They have issues when conversations become difficult. Opening up emotionally, offering verbal affirmation or appreciation are also hard for a Five to bring to a relationship.


  •  Shared interests are pivotal. Shared information is a bond. Find a common point.

  • Don’t take it personally if your Five has interests and friends separate from you. They prefer to compartmentalize friendships to keep things emotionally “organized” 

  • They prefer to feel emotions in the privacy of their own space. 

  • They are loyal friends so long as the central focus is about your life.

  • Expect Fives to not ask for help, but to do it themselves.

  • Intimacy is often expressed in non-verbal ways.

  • “Negatives” like possessiveness might be a sign of caring.

  • Be clear and direct

  • Fives have very little energy reserves. They need more time to recharge than others

  • Give them a “head’s up” when needing to work out an issue

  • They fear being incompetent so tread very lightly if you must bring up an issue

  • When a Five talks…listen

  • Don’t push a Five to socialize.  They do not respond well to being pushed.

  • Don’t just spring conversations on the Five

  • Respect their boundaries.

  • Understand that Fives may not be able to give you entirely what you need.

  • Be patient. Don’t push them to share if they are not ready to be fully open with you.

  • Do not share information about me without my knowing.

  • Keep your conversations confidential. They value privacy and expect you to do the same in return.

  • Always provide a safe space for them to process their thoughts, feelings and needs.

  • Let me think.

  • Let me explore and learn on my own time.

  • Catch me when I unhealthily start to isolate myself.

  • Don’t abuse my competencies.

  • When my expertise is needed, be sure to validate me.