Winners hate losing more than changing, while others hate changing more than losing.
— Orrin Woodward, Type 3

Type Threes work professionally best with with people who build personal connections and those that can recognize their hard work and achievements. They also love a healthy dose of competition. Professionally, they do not thrive when they fail to accomplish a set goal. They do not fare well when they think co-workers think negatively of them. They sometimes do not realize how their achievements can affect others.

Romantically, Threes are open and driven. They thrive when their partner reminds them to step away from work and appreciate them for their accomplishments already. Threes have to be reminded to take time for relationships on occasion. Threes have amazing optimism and adaptability in relationships. They are also very effective communicators in their personal relationships. Enthusiasm and people-oriented energy also keep relationships exciting. Trouble sometimes comes when the Three has a hard time acknowledging their role in a situation. Being emotionally vulnerable with their partner is also a bit more difficult.



  • Three’s love words of affirmation.

  • Three’s are easily distracted during conversations; try not to take it personally.

  • Limit negative talk. Three’s prefer to stay positive and optimistic.

  • Give accurate instructions ahead of time. Three’s love to do things for others, but they want to know how.

  • Remind them often that you love them for who they are and they don’t need to earn it through their achievements.

  • Provide peaceful surroundings where they can thrive; especially when working.

  • Keep conversations constructive and feedback positive rather than overly critical or emotional.

  • Encourage them when you see them growing, honestly expressing their feelings and being authentic to you and others.

  • Three’s become upset when they are being treated as unimportant or worthless.

  • Hold fast and be fully present when their genuine feelings emerge.

    • Expect intolerance and speed in the face of darker emotions and also expect them to tune out negative feedback.

    • Expect them to speed up during difficulty. Slowing down feels like failure.

    • Remember, while Threes avoid their feelings, they still are heart types and are looking for connection. Time spent doing things together, laughing, driving or high energy activities are a way to connect .

    • Share how you feel when they are moving so fast (perhaps doing something productive as you try to have a conversation).

    • Don’t be surprised when you discover things about them which they never shared. They may unconsciously withhold news about themselves or people important to them particularly if it holds a possibility of failure or doesn’t portray a good image.