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“Maybe it’s not that you settled.
Maybe you did exactly the right thing for who you were then,
and now you’re just someone new.”
— Julie Harper


Michelle Cochran-Wells

sassy. dreamer. entrepreneur. driven. happy. authentic. introvert. engineer. nerd. bibliophile. tribe. passionate. leader. cheerleader. too positive. mindful. influencer. life coach. meditation.

I’m Michelle. I’m no different than many of you. My story is no different. I always did what was expected of me until one day I was faced with two very different paths. Was I really happy? Was I happy being what everyone expected me to be? Was I happy faking my life as it passed me by? Easy answer was “sure.” I’m comfortable. I’m content. Why not? However, destiny has a way of interrupting your cozy life and making you take a deep hard look at who you really are and who God intended you to be. That reality is what brought me here, my friends. Authenticity. If you aren’t authentic with yourself then you will never have a reason to be real among others…your children, partners, parents or friends. You are cheating yourself and those you love from seeing the real you. They deserve more and, most importantly, so do you.

Is it easy? Never.

Worth it? Absolutely.

I come from a background of Corporate Engineering. I also swore I would never, ever be a stay at home mom (SAHM). I just couldn’t imagine not having a career…UNTIL I held that first little newborn boy and then all bets were off! This girl was going to be a SAHM! Bwahaha! Fast forward, those (now two little boys) grew up and started school. I have always been very driven and independent. If I want something then I am going to give 100% and not give up until I own it! That’s where my story changes. I no longer had children at home to focus on and really needed something to make me feel worthy and valuable. I never thought it would come in the form of my very own business, but it did. And, I could not be happier. I work my hours, my time and any location I want. I never miss a beat with my family or volunteering with things that matter to my family and I. Being a business-minded individual, the business plan for my company was a no brainer for me. You CAN have your cake and eat it, too!

In addition to being an entrepreneur, I am also a Certified Life Coach and also hold certification in Mindfulness. I take on a very limited number of clients and typically work virtually. My specialty is goal setting and achieving, authenticity and helping you discover your true skill set, confidence, motivation and self-esteem to be whatever you strive to be. I work with all adult demographics, but my passion is for women returning to the workforce or finding their place in the world.

What does your life look like? Are you looking for something fulfilling or looking to contribute to something bigger than yourself? If so, hit me up and let me get you on the path to creating residual income that will afford you to find the real you. You may just find you have many gifts to share.

**This is my personal story. For more information, look up RF IDS.

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